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I'm a Polish visual storyteller (illustrator/animator/designer) currently pursuing my MFA in Illustration at the Rhode Island School of Design as a Fulbright scholar. I do editorial illustrations, children's illustrations, visual identifications, and animations. I enjoy doing whimsical gifs and making people smile. Yes, I'm a cheesy person :) I'm also a pro-bono dog sitter. Love them too much!   For my full CV, click here.

Chosen Clients: 

New York Times, Type Directors Club, Austrian Institute of the Danube,
The University of Warsaw, Chopin International Airport in Warsaw  (with Agency “Oko i Ucho”)



Fulbright Graduate Student Award,  2022-2023

Shortlisted in World Illustration Awards, 2019

TDC Certificate of Typographic Excellence,  2018


A WELL-DESIGNED BOOK – let’s start with children

Academy of Fine Arts in Katowice, Poland, 2021

World Illustration Awards 

Somerset House, London UK, 2019

64th Annual Exhibition of Type Directors Club 

Global, 2018

Civic City: Place en Relation 

Pompidou Museum, Paris, 2018

International Exhibition INDEPENDENCEx100

National Poster Museum, Warsaw, Poland, 2018

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